Self Cleaning

Self Cleaning



Self-Cleaning is a self-cleaning technology, anti-mold and chemical for paint film,
improving the quality and durability of the building.

Self-Cleaning is a technology that is capable of self-cleaning, anti-fungal and chemical coatings.
This is one of the most advanced technologies of TOA paints, which improves the quality and durability of the building.

This technology has been applied into SuperShield - super high-level products TOA. The acrylic resin
used in the TOA SuperShield has a double molecular structure: a soft inner layer for easy
placement of molecules and a hard outer layer so that dirt cannot stick, and at the same time
with high crystallization temperatures. (Tg> 40oC), rainwater easily spread to wet the
surface, wash away all dirt on the paint film.

With Self-Cleaning, your house will be always new, despite all the bad influences from the environment such as thunderstorms or dust.
This self-cleaning "self-cleaning" technology has helped TOA increase the durability of the building up to 15 years. "Self-cleaning" technology is combined from two factors: the emulsion used & the special surface structure of the film

- High "Tg" glass vitrification: hot weather will not make the film soften, dirt can not stick to paint film,
only loosely lying on the surface,easily washed away by water.
- The paint film is designed with a special surface structure (Hydrophilic): "Core-shell" structure: makes the paint film hard, do not cling to dust when the temperature of the environment changes; The "cross-link" helps create horizontal links => increased weather resistance, alkali resistance, superior water resistance. Thanks to this, rain water easily spreads to wet the surface, wash away the dirt on the surface of the paint film, keeping paint film is always clean. The resins used in SuperShield are structured from double molecules: with soft inner layers so that the molecules are easily arranged and the outer layers hardened so that the dust does not stick to it when it rains down, the particles diffuse and dirt go


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