Color Inspiration

Refreshing Give your home With shades from TOA


Lemon Burst

Yellow represents happiness, joy, hope and a new beginning of life. This outstanding warm tone can be used to brighten up those special corners of your home. Shades of yellow are inspired by natural color such as lemons, sunflowers, buttercups and mustard fields. Try matching your favorite yellow with funky decorations at your home.

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Snow Lake

Imagine yourself in an icy, cold winter and snowflakes cover everything around you – grass field, mountain and pine trees. Even the lake is frozen. This creates a group of off-white colors, which is white that has a base of other colors. It conjures up a mood of simple, 

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Rosy Red

Red symbolizes love, respect and security. Different shades of red, such as burgundy, red wine, scarlet and cherry, express varying feelings. Choose the right red to bring out your positive energy.

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Plum Wonderful

This color scheme is often used in fashion and beauty media because its warm tone suggests a sexy and charming image. It might remind you of a lively young woman with a warm touch.

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Peaceful Princess

Pink is the official color for a sweet little girl. may compare to different types of women who have different styles, for instance, soft and sweet, understanding, lively, cheerful, friendly and confident.

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Orange you Glad

Orange is the color of happiness, amusement and festivals. It is full of positive energy, which may encourage you to feel cheerful, optimistic and friendly.

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Spring Celebration

Green is a color from nature that conjures up images of lush growth and tropical richness. The many shades of nature’s favorite color celebrate the season of spring when plants flourish with new leaves and flowers.

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Shadow Dance

Grey can be an unemotional color but on the other hand, it creates simplicity, formal, conservative and sophisticated looks. The different levels of the shadow intensity can create dimensional effect to the room and make the room looks more interesting.

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Happy Camper

Would you like to feel as if you had nature on your doorstep? The color scheme of your home can bring back happy memories of your camping experiences in the great outdoors – grassy fields, cool rainforests, calming creeks.

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Night on the town

The sky at night time is not always pitch black. It can be lit up by moonlight, twinkling stars or even from millions of street lamps. This can bring the night to life with more dimensional visualization.

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Pink Yarrow

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Venetian Dream

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