Orange you Glad

Orange You Glad

Orange is the color of happiness, amusement and festivals. It is full of positive energy, which may encourage you to feel cheerful, optimistic and friendly. There are multiple shades in orange from which to select such as tangerine, peach, salmon and champagne.

Mixing an orange color with your interior furnishings create an energetic mood. Orange can look fabulous on a feature wall and can be matched with light cream brown, while painting window frames, doorframes and skirting boards in white. This can soften the vibrancy of the orange and make the area look classy. It is suggested that only 10% of color in the room should be orange. This flamboyant color is very decorative and can be used in soft furnishings such as cushions, carpets and curtains.

Sunset in Mykonos If you are searching for an orange tone that full of fun, TOA8038 is the answer. Paint it on a feature wall or on one corner of a house and contrast it with yellow TOA7903. This color combination is inspired by the refreshing feeling you experience after drinking a big glass of fresh fruit juice on a hot Summer’s day.

Orange Spark Light grey or dark blue grey are not only a perfect match with orange, but they also give you a classy, smart feeling. Using white, black and timber furniture and/or decorative items can integrate them with the orange and create a softening touch. 

There are many creative design ideas for using shades of orange in your home. It is quite a versatile color and can be mixed and matched with an endless variety of other colors, depending on the mood or effect you wish to create in your space. Try to combine with earthy colors of dark or light brown to give the atmosphere in the room a smooth, balance feeling. Try not to use it with opposite colors such as bright green as this color scheme really demands attention. Your space will be neither restful nor comfortable.

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