Happy Camper



Would you like to feel as if you had nature on your doorstep? The color scheme of your home can bring back happy memories of your camping experiences in the great outdoors – grassy fields, cool rainforests, calming creeks. Imagine yourself smelling pine bark, watching the forest changing color and leaves falling in Autumn. These could be your memories while sitting around a fire pit, on a cool evening, with friends and family.

This brown color is inspired by tree bark, soil, sand, stone, and grassy field in Autumn. It invites you to discover the beauty of nature. This earthy color can create a feeling of stability and comfort.   

Swiss Cream These luxury soft brown tone of caramel brown TOA8522 and creamy brown TOA8500 go perfectly with minty green TOA7467 and dark chocolate brown TOA8221. This color combination is inspired by chocolate chips and mint and vanilla ice cream, which is conjures up enjoyable sensations. 
Lescamela Vanilla Vanilla does not only add delicious flavor to your baking. It also enhances an atmosphere of sweet romance. This accompanied by warm soft brown shades give you a sense of stability hence gentle at the same time. 

Brown is a neutral color which can be mixed and matched to any house style – classic, vintage and cozy loft. It can also blend in with all kinds of materials – metal, timber, textiles, leather or even synthetic materials. There are various shades of brown from which to choose such as caramel, oak, chocolate and mahogany.

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