Lemon Burst

Lemon Burst


Yellow represents happiness, joy, hope and a new beginning of life. This outstanding warm tone can be used to brighten up those special corners of your home. Shades of yellow are inspired by natural color such as lemons, sunflowers, buttercups and mustard fields. Try matching your favorite yellow with funky decorations at your home. 

Australian Outlook
Lemony yellow TOA7855* perfectly harmonize with light green and brown grey. This color palette creates a cool, comfortable atmosphere suitable for relaxation. Vintage furniture and collector’s items can be added to give an instant chic style.

September Sun  
Mustard yellow TOA7854* can transform the mood of a living space from dull and dark to fresh and fun. Natural light combined with this color can have a stunning effect upon a room. This color is perfect for a dining area because it can stimulate your appetite.  

Yellow can be made to work with any style of house. For example, light cream yellow can create a classic, warm feeling, whereas bright yellow and small hint of black, paired with stylish furniture can create a contemporary look.

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