Night on the town

Night on the Town


The sky at night time is not always pitch black. It can be lit up by moonlight, twinkling stars or even from millions of street lamps. This can bring the night to life with more dimensional visualization. A shade of deep blue (TOA7293) reflects an illuminated night and can create a bold, strong feeling. It can also provide a calm touch. Blue is not just one shade of color, but the intensity of the color from light to dark can reflect the varying shades of the sky. 

A modern house style with a simple layout and high ceilings lends itself to the possibility of transforming a boring bare wall to be a night sky by choosing TOA7293. It can create a peaceful and relaxing environment. 

There are multiple shades of blue from which to choose. They can be matched and used in different areas for various results. For example, the lighter shade of TOA7298 gives a roomy feeling, in contrast to the deeper shade of TOA7294that can create an illusion to reduce the room size. 

Thunder Day combination of turquoise with dusky pink TOA8642 and light brown TOA8659 can soften and warm the atmosphere. But it still remains vibrant. This is a suitable style for a relaxation area such as the bedroom and the living room.

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