Shadow Dance

Shadow Dance

Grey can be an unemotional color but on the other hand, it creates simplicity, formal, conservative and sophisticated looks. The different levels of the shadow intensity can create dimensional effect to the room and make the room looks more interesting. 

Grey is the perfect color scheme to use with all kinds of materials such as cast iron, bare concrete and bare timber, which always appear in theindustrial style.Grey also harmonizeswith all decorative items by creating and adding a unique character to the area. 

Warm greyssuch as TOA8234 and TOA8308 are well coordinated with modern classic design and creating sumptuous atmosphere. 

Grey with a hint of dark green TOA8319 pairs with light shade of grey TOA8327 can make the room lookwarm and sophisticated. This neutral tone of color is versatile and suitany house styles.

Shades of grey are varying, from light to dark, which can transform your house from boredom to bliss.

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