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Bangkok - Khun Prajak - Khun Lala Ongkarak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TOA Paint (Thailand) Plc. Bangkok Education Office Hold scholarships for students with good grades. And the results are mediocre, grateful, but lacking in capital. A total of 250 scholarships worth 250,000 baht will be donated by Ms. Pranee Sathayakorn, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Presented by Khun Vipada Tararamurakuugat, Khun Si Saenphayam and Khun Poolsri Chongsangthong attended the ceremony at Rattanakosin Room. Bangkok City Hall Recently

Ms. Pranee Sattayakorn Deputy Permanent Secretary 250 scholarships worth 250,000 baht.


Khun Prajak - Khun la Aurarakarn, with the honorable guests, presented the 3rd scholarship worth 250 scholarships.

Khun Prajak - Khun Pracha Sukrong with the honorable guests of the 3rd year scholarship of 250 scholarships. Children are happy and enjoy this activity.

You and your friends donate scholarships.


Khun Prachak - Khun la Aurang, you have 250 scholarships.


Khun Prachak - Khun la Aurora, you share lunch, children and teachers at the event.

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