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FloorGuard 100

Industrial floor coating

FloorGuard 1000 SL

Interior industrial floor coating

TOA Roadline Paint (Non Reflective)

TOA Roadline Paint (Non Reflective)

TOA Thinner No. 31

Dilution with epoxy 2 K paint for any application.

TOA Thinner No. 81

Thinner for roadline paint.

TOA Coaltar Epoxy

Epoxy Film Thick Film For soaking water.

TOA Penetrating Sealer

It is designed as glossy concrete primer.

TOA Rust Tech

High-solid epoxy two pack surface tolerant paint.

TOA Floorguard Primer

Two pack epoxy and polyamide clear for concrete primer.

TOA Rust Shield

Suitable for rustproof primer. For steel

Top Guard

Polyurethane 2 parts for exterior