TOA 100 Water Repellent Gloss

100% waterproof protection against mold.

Product Info: TOA 100 Water Repellent Gloss

TOA 100 Water Repellent Gloss is 100% waterproofing, anti-fungus,
and anti-algae. Paint is high gloss, fast-drying, non-yellowish,
durable, and highly adhesive with surface.

TOA 100 Water Repellent is formulated with 100% premium co-polymer
solvent-based). Film is transparent, hard, glossy, non-yellowish,
durable against severe weather conditions and UV light, 100%
waterproofing, and dirt resistant. Easy to use & Ready-mixed for
exterior and interior application.

• 100% high quality acrylic polymers are easy to use
• Styrofoam laminate material with long, glossy gloss
• Resistant to weather and UV light to maintain surface moisture retention
• Protect against dirty water and digestive fertilizers, making it easier to clean.
• Preventing yeast infections
• Enables immediate, non-combinable indoor and outdoor applications



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