TOA Silicone Sealant (GP)

TOA Silicone Sealant (GP)

Product Info: TOA Silicone Sealant (GP)

TOA Silicone Sealant GP is  one part acid type silicone used for sealing joint. It is highly flexible and suitable for sealing, leaking prevention, and common sealing. It reacts with moisture in the air to become dry and solid with high durability and flexibility.

Acid Silicone, Highly Flexibility, Dry at Ambient Temperature

  • Adhesive with surface and substance, such as, mirror and aluminium oxide
  • High stability & Weather resistance, such as, UV light, vibration, moisture, ozone, weather change, pollution, and solvent
  • No flowing back: For vertical work & above head work
  • Temperature resistance between -50°C to 150°C
  • Easy to apply, convenient, and no further mix needed
  • Long-lasting


  • Sealant for area between mirror and door frame, wood window, aluminium, and PVC
  • Sealant for waterproofing between substances that have different expansion coefficient numbers
  • Small fish tank sealant



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