TOA Silicone Sealant (HP)

TOA Silicone Sealant (HP)

Product Info: TOA Silicone Sealant (HP)

TOA Silicone Sealant HP is one part type and 100% neutral silicone used for sealing joint. It is low odor, highly flexible, and suitable for common sealant and gluing job. It reacts with moisture in the air to become dry and solid with high durability and flexibility.


  • Neutral Silicone, Highly Flexibility, Dry at Ambient Temperature
  • Adhesive with surface and substance, such as, mirror and aluminium oxide
  • High stability & Weather resistance, such as, UV light, vibration, moisture, ozone, weather change, pollution, and solvent
  • No flowing back: For vertical work & above head work
  • Temperature resistance between -50°C to 150°C
  • Easy to apply, convenient, and no further mix needed
  • Long-lasting


  • Sealant for window frame and concrete
  • Sealant for panel and mirror with other substances without damaging lacquer coating
  • Advertising signage, fish tank, water system, iron, nail hole, and frozen room
  • Bathroom, ceramic sink, and drainage system



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