TOA 101 Decorplast

applied for decorative plastering.

Product Info: TOA 101 Decorplast

TOA 101 Decorplast is applied for decorative plastering,
smoothening surface, covering crack and pore, highly adhesive
with surface and top coat, and no peeling. Suitable for ceiling.

TOA 101 Decorplast is a special acrylic, mixed with cement for
decorative plastering, covering small crack and pore, and smoothening
surface. Surface become smooth without apparent defects and ready for
top coat application for both exterior and interior.

• Use coatings for concrete walls, ceilings and ceilings to smooth
• Stretch resistance to the surface with high adhesion
• Some slabs do not break off the sandy skin
• Multi-layer cursor as needed without any slip
• Fix small fissures, fractures, and bubbles
• Use both internal and external combinations with 1: 1 cement



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