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70 Samples of beautiful interior paint shades updated for the trend in 2022!

Don’t miss it! The interior paint shades from TOA, tremendously updated to greet the upcoming year 2022, come together with more than 70 sample pictures, including the living room, bedroom, dining corner, working area, and working from home space, that would change your house to be more superb!

Popular white-shade interior paints

If anyone still doesn’t know, white is not just the normal white. As white interior paints provide many different shades like off-white shade, or cool-tone shade such as light-green white or yellow white, or off white with a warm tone. It is a light and warm tone as in the Japanese minimal style. Many people frequently ask about this shade, putting it in the top-5 popular interior paint shades since it easily suits various interior decoration styles. So, let’s see the samples of white interior paint shades!

Off white with a cool tone

Beautiful off white with a warm tone, creamy white, orange-white, yellow-white

Nice gray and black interior paint shades

Another popular and classic paint shades would inevitably be gray and black tones, which may be suitable for peaceful and discreet people. For gray color, it includes light-gray, purple-gray, medium-gray, blue-gray, and dark-gray shades. Also, black is provided with a wide range of intensity. Let’s see which of these interior paint samples are your favorite.

Samples of light-gray interior paint shades

Samples of medium-gray interior paint shades

Samples of gray and black interior paint shades

Bright-tone and warm-tone interior paints

Impress your guests and boost the energy of your every gesture with warm tone shades, which is also the bright tone that shares liveliness and energy at all times. The samples of houses with pink to red interior paints below include light pink, light red, and light to dark yellow. There are both designs suitable for children’s and sweet-style people’s bedrooms, including those who like to decorate the house in a modern and elegant style. Let’s see!

Samples of pink interior paint shades

Samples of red interior paint shades

Samples of orange interior paint shades

Samples of yellow interior paint shades

Cool-tone interior paints

Much research around the world has confirmed that cool-tone colors such as light blue, pastel blue, green, mint green, and dark blue are shades that help the body relax, feel calm and help you concentrate. So, this is not surprising why most people select these colors for their bedrooms and many other rooms in their houses. For those who like cool-tone colors, below are samples of interior paint shades that TOA offers for your house, which doesn’t only have bedrooms, but also living rooms, dining rooms, and many more.

Samples of blue, light-blue, pastel blue, and dark blue shades

Samples of green, light- green, mint-green, dark-green interior paint shades

Medium-tone interior paints, purple

Don’t you forget that apart from cool and warm tones, there is a medium tone like purple? It continuously becomes popular because of its combination between cool and warm tones, and it also represents being outstanding, unique, receptive, and undivided.

Earth-tone interior paint shades

Earth-tone interior paint shades could help a house have warmth and peace. It gets along with modern-style decorations including minimal styles that highlight simplicity.

Samples of earth-tone interior paint shades


Using 2–3 interior paint shades together, which are called two-tone and three-tone shades, could help a room be more colorful and interesting. Let’s explore samples of two-tone and three-tone ideas together.

Samples of nice two-tone and three-tone interior paint shades

Frequently asked questions

Q: How many days does the paint dry?

A: You don’t have to wait a whole day for TOA interior paints to dry because every grade and collection of our paints dries in only 2 hours. 

Q: Which kind of interior paint should we choose?

A: To be healthy, you should select the following qualifications of interior paint
1. Mild smell, not smelly
2. Easy to clean up
3. Non-VOC (volatile organic compound) as these components can cause respiratory problems, especially for allergic or low-immune people like children and the elderly.
4. Fungal-inhibited, which can prevent mold and bacteria, or if it can eliminate diseases like Coronavirus would be even better.

Q: Can the interior paint be painted on wood?

A: The interior paint is not suitable for wood. It is designed for cement and concrete works. So, if you want to paint woods, you should select the specific wood paint products for quality and more durable result.
Click here for more wood paints

Q: Can the interior paint be painted on the ceiling?

A: Yes, it can, but it is not that appropriate because the type of interior paint film has some light reflection even though it has a matte film. For this reason, TOA has also produced specific ceiling paints, where the film is an extra-matte that helps reduce light reflections
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Q: Can the interior paint be used for exterior painting?

A: Never use interior paint for exterior painting as it has the features of easy cleaning, mild smell, etc. It is not sunlight resistant, which is key to long-lasting and durable exterior paints. Interested in more exterior paint products, click here

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